Acoma Sky City, a Pueblo one hour West of Albuquerque

Acoma Pueblo is called Sky City because the oldest part of it is built atop a mesa. The pueblo gives guided tours of the mesa top for a fee that includes a photography permit. Both the views from the mesa and the architecture on top if it are very photogenic.

In 2015, the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) awarded Acoma Sky City Cultural Center and Haak’u Museum the Tribal Destination of the Year.

On our way to the visitor center, we saw these motorcyclists viewing it in its scenic valley.
A private residence nearby the visitor center
The beautiful visitor center
We took this from the visitor center patio. You can see the pueblo on the mesa behind the building.


PicMonkey Collage (23)

The Visitor Center has many artists who work while talking to visitors and selling their pieces. It is truly a privilege to own a piece of art from an experience like this with the artist.

We rode a tour bus to the top of the mesa where we saw a magnificent old church. Our tour guide took us inside, but no photos are allowed there. We were able to capture the old belfry. The bells were a gift from the king of Spain 400 years ago.

Views from the top:

The old architecture with its doors, windows and masonry are fascinating to study. These buildings are still inhabited in 2017.

There are more artists on the mesa top tour.

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