Open Space Visitor Center, Albuquerque

Albuquerque has 29,000 acres of open space land, which is very high for a city of its size. The Visitor Center, on the east side of Coors just south of Paseo del Norte, is the center for all of many open spaces. It features a variety of photographic opportunities. The main building is built in the Pueblo style with picture windows, an artistic courtyard, a big lawn, a natural species garden, a tower, an art museum, a children’s learning center, and a room that explains the geologic and cultural history of Albuquerque. Outside of the building are a field and a wetlands with a bird blind. Adjacent to the center is an empty field that contains the never-excavated ruins of a pueblo. The people that lived there are the original settlers of Albuquerque. They are the ones that made the petroglyphs to the west. They relied on the Rio Grande for water for farming, and they hunted and obtained wood from the Sandia Mountains. A room inside the center explains this history.

The high tower atop the building gives a panoramic view of the entire Rio Grande Valley with the Sandia Mountains as the backdrop.


The art in the courtyard by the entrance depicts the river and the volcanoes.
A view window from inside

The art museum changes every few months with various themes.

There are often special programs, both day and evening.
Chasing a lizard
The garden
Within the bird blind
The Visitor Center is a good place for portraits

A clue to locating the center is the art by Coors Road. It is made of blue metal from jetty jacks down by the river. It depicts the wings of birds in flight along Albuquerque’s migratory flight route.

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