Photographic Eye–HDR

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and you may achieve it through a camera setting for it or in post-processing. For most photos, it is not the best choice; but for the ones it does, it has a great result.

Heavy storm clouds are a good choice for HDR.
HDR emphasizes the look of rusty metal.
Another rusty metal example
Here HDR defines the bubble as it was hard to discern otherwise.
BeFunky_null_1.jpg (4)
HDR emphasizes the pattern in this scene from Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona.
BeFunky_Underpainting_242.jpg (8)
A criticism of HDR is that it makes landscapes look unnatural, but sometimes that’s what we are going for.
Here HDR improves the contrast of the color of the dragonfly with a similar color in the background.
In this memorial of 9-11 in Rio Rancho, HDR helps tell the story.

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