The Film Industry in Albuquerque

New Mexico gives a tax break to the film industry that is better than most other states. Because of that, many films are made here.

If you see a sign like this, it is a cryptic way to let onset workers (caterers, car rental deliveries, etc.) find their way to the set without inviting the general public to crowd in. The initials will usually be of the film title.
Homes that are up for sale are sometimes used for sets. The owners get paid, and because they are not living there, it is not too disruptive.

Businesses cashing in on “Breaking Bad.”

The “Scorch Trials” being filmed downtown. The one on the right is the only photo we’ve taken that has gone viral worldwide overnight. It’s still around but is attributed to others who lifted it from us! We named it “After the Apocalypse.”

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