Light Among the Ruins, Jemez Historic Site, northwest of Albuquerque

This year, this wonderful free event will be on Dec. 10 from 5-9 PM. It is perfect for young and old. It is about a one-hour drive from Albuquerque. If you arrive early, you will be able to park at the plaza in Jemez Springs. There will be food vendors there, but you should know that there are more at the actual site. We recommend that you be in the first wave of people to go to the site as it will be quite crowded later one.

Once the event begins, horse-drawn wagons transport the visitors.


Upon arrival, the main building is very festive with food and gift vendors, most of them residents from the nearby Jemez Pueblo. As you leave the building and start up the path to the ruins, the hornos are lit up.

The main attraction are the fajaritos lit throughout the ruins. We thought that they would look better after twilight, so we timed our arrival at that time; however, we now think that earlier may have been better. If you arrive early enough, you can try both twilight and night to compare.

It is challenging to capture movement around a bonfire with smoke in the air.

The Buffalo Dance is special in many ways. We were grateful to the Jemez people for their warm hospitality, sharing it with all the visitors and especially photographers. Throughout the rest of year, most pueblos ask that people not photograph their daily life or special events without a permit. Though the pueblo is nearby, this event is on a protected historic site.


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