Photographic Eye–Selective Coloring

Selective coloring (SC) is a black and white photo with at least one color left in to emphasize that color. This may be done if your camera has a setting for it, and many do, or in post-processing with a program like Photoshop or Picmonkey. We like to experiment with it at times to bring attention to certain aspects of a photo.

The scene through the bird blind is so beautiful, and SC emphasizes that fact. We did this with Picmonkey.
This SC was done for just the bright orange-yellow color, in-camera. We wanted to emphasize the tight curve of the road as we entered Durango, Colorado. We later brushed out any yellow in the scenic background with Picmonkey.
We took this fire station art on West Central. All of Albuquerque’s fire stations have quality public art. It is in-camera, and the red also showed up in some of the plants in the lower-left. The depiction of the water spurting out of the fire hydrant is made of long, metallic strands, and it looked better in black and white, but the red helped to isolate it as well as match the purpose of the building.

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