Photographic Eye–Black and White

moonriseWe can take any photo in black and white with settings on our cameras, or we can process it in black and white later. Black and white is a popular choice for street photographers, but in this post, we’ll show you three photos with no movement. The common feature of all the photos is wonderful light to begin with. When you find a moment with light like this, consider seeing what it looks like in black and white.

The last rays of sun hit just this branch making the dandelions and butterfly light up.
Grapes with the sun hitting them just right, creating a depth to the photo. We added the shadow frame.
Taken from the Tri-Labs parking lot behind the Embassy Hotel on the SW side of the Big I. During this time of year, the light from the sunrise is caught by the tall buildings before hitting the surrounding scene. Up the contrast, and the apparently floating city will be all that’s visible.

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