Taos, 2 hours north of Albuquerque

There are two ways to get to Taos from Albuquerque. The “high road” to Taos is renowned for its scenery and interest, yet it takes a bit longer to arrive in Taos. We usually travel on the high road to get to Taos (Hwy. 76 to Hwy 518) and return on the faster, yet still scenic, Hwy. 68. Either way is a reasonable 2-3 hours. This post is about Taos, but we plan another one at a later date that highlights the High Road. The High Road may have snow and ice in the winter, so October and November are good times to go and see some autumn colors on your way.

Like Albuquerque’s Old Town and Santa Fe’s Plaza, Taos has wonderful art, architecture, museums, churches, restaurants and charm, with a pueblo as well. It is also the smallest of the three.

One of the most famous sites is San Francisco de Asis Mission Church, as seen in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another is the Royal Gorge:

Beautiful public art:

The one on the left is a mural on top of an adobe building of a santero carving santos.

A man doing guard duty for the many Bandidos motorcycles outside a restaurant
Inside Kit Carson’s home, now a museum
Lawn decor


You may also buy a permit to photograph the pueblo, which is extremely popular among photographers. It deserves its own post on our blog.

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