Santa Fe Plaza, one hour north of Albuquerque

The Santa Fe Plaza area is much like Albuquerque’s Old Town (see our most recent post), though unique in its own way. There are more churches there, and more high-end art galleries and stores. Like Old Town, it has wonderful museums, restaurants and photographic opportunities. The traffic is heavier, but once parked, most people see it all on foot. Albuquerque and Santa Fe are a one-hour drive apart, with the Tent Rocks and Los Golindrinas between. Another route there is up Highway 14 on the east side of the Sandia Mountains, or you may take the Railrunner. The Railrunner will take you to the train station where you can catch a free shuttle bus to the plaza. If you want to go to Meow Wolf, which is in Santa Fe but not in the plaza, there may be a way by train and bus, but you would have to call Meow Wolf and find out the logistics of that.

Iconic adobe architecture

Things for sale on the street that are very Santa Fe:

Georgia O’Keefe made cowskulls a popular artistic subject. You can also visit the museum dedicated to her work.


Performances are back-to-back in the plaza.
La Fonda restaurant
Profiles from the New Mexico History Museum

Close-cropping of several beautiful statues:

This is yet another statue:


Santa Fe is a good place for street photographers.

And finally, our favorite thing to study in Santa Fe:


This is the famous Sisters of Loretto Chapel staircase. It was built in 1878 to the choir loft above. It has no visible means of support and makes two 360-degree turns. It is also said to have wooden pegs instead of nails. It has a miraculous legend. In answer to their prayers, a carpenter appeared to the nuns and built the staircase. Then he disappeared as mysteriously as he had appeared.

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