Old Town, Albuquerque

Old Town is exactly what it sounds like–Albuquerque’s original plaza, over 300 years old. It is rich in photographic opportunities from the authentic adobe architecture to people in costume, tourists, art galleries, restaurants–built around the central plaza and San Felipe de Neri Parish.

An artist painting the beloved church
Mural from a lesser-known chapel, the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This prayer chapel has many weddings as well as ghost stories.
The Cottonwood Madonna–carved by a Korean War veteran who died shortly thereafter. The tree grew around the sculpture. In recent years, the tree was struck by lightening, so the Madonna was moved to the front yard of the church.

There is wonderful tile work throughout the area.

One of the shopping squares off the main plaza.
Charming delights in hidden places.


There are a variety of fun stores. This is looking through a giant kaleidoscope in one of the few stores in the nation that sells kaleidoscopes exclusively.
In front of a candy store
Body and soul
The artist created a pot with an artist creating a pot with reflections.

Old Town also has special events throughout the year, but especially during the balloon fiesta. It is where the “Breaking Bad” tours meet and is near many quality museums. Here is an earlier blog we assembled about the Sunday afternoon gunfights:  https://albuquerquephotoblog.com/2016/06/10/12-old-town-gunfight/

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