Hatch, New Mexico, three hours south of Albuquerque

It is green chile season, and over Labor Day, Hatch, the epicenter of the world’s green chile farms, will soon have its Green Chile Festival; however, you can still get the farm produce from roadside stands from now until the end of September. The festival itself takes place outside of town and has a carnival atmosphere. Attend this if you prefer, or if all you want is to get great photos and produce from the area, just drive on down to Hatch at any time.

Inside a roadside stand. We buy both fresh and frozen chile as well as many other types of produce, handmade tortillas, and local honey.
We appreciate all the people who provide our food for us. This is a Hatch onion field, and the temperature was in the high 90’s that day.
The aroma is wonderful! We liked the smoke and fire in this image.
The parking lot of Sparky’s, a truly quirky experience!
Hatch is surrounded by pecan groves. If one has just been irrigated, we can’t resist stopping for the great reflections shallow water provides.
One of our favorite pecan grove photos, taken at sunrise.

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