Photographic Eye–Close Cropping

One of the things we like about digital photography is the ability to crop our photos. It was something that never even occurred to us in the days of film. We have been inspired by looking at examples from other photographers.

The top two are from the Albuquerque Zoo, and the lower one is from the New Mexico State Fair, showing nothing but air. Before we started practicing this technique, we always tried to capture the entire animal in the frame.

We also like this technique with statues.

The upper three are from Santa Fe. The center is from the interior of the sanctuary at the Sisters of Loretto Chapel. The lower left is from the Bataan Memorial in Las Cruces. The cropping of just the faces emphasizes the endurance of the soldiers. The lower right is a processed image of a wooden statue inside the church at Chimayo, focusing on the suffering of the crucified Christ.

Just about anything can be cropped for a unique photograph. The image below on the left is the old church at Lemitar. The middle is a cactus, showing the interesting juxtaposition of flower and thorns. The close cropping of the one on the right gives a sense of intimacy between the two subjects.

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