Placitas, just north of Albuquerque

The charming village of Placitas northwest of Albuquerque has many photographic opportunities any time of the year.

The original Catholic mission is still the center of the old village
On the main highway is the newer part of the village. This incredibly original art display by Gene McClain was outside the Arte de Placitas.
Albuquerque Open Space has a large designated area for wild horses. See the Open Space website for the detailed directions to the two access points. The horses are great photographic subjects up close or from far away.


A woman walking her whippets in the wonderful open space.
Autumn is especially lovely in Placitas. Here is a vineyard on a private residence.
This view of Cabezon Rock was taken from 70 miles away in Placitas. We like the golden ribbon of the bosque in the foreground too. The area has many vistas like this that also make wonderful sunset sites.
From the village, you can drive into the Sandia Mountains on this beautiful road. It eventually joins up on the east side of the mountains on the road to the crest. It is closed in winter though.

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