Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, one hour north of Albuquerque

Meow Wolf is an art experience in Santa Fe that is unique and exciting for people of all ages. It is located in an old bowling alley purchased by George R. R. Martin, author of “Game of Thrones,” and is a collaborative effort among him and other artists. The premise is a house called the House of Eternal Return whose residents have disappeared, and patrons are invited to seek clues as to what happened. As they do so, they go through portals into other worlds such as a fireplace or a closet. The challenge for photographers is to capture movement in low light without an unintentional blur. After you’ve toured once, don’t leave. Tour again, and you will find places you never noticed the first time. SO MUCH FUN!

The alternative world begins in the parking lot with giant metal sculptures.


The first thing to see is the house. In the living room, there is a fish tank and a fireplace portal. Beyond the living room, there is the kitchen. Here a young girl enters the portal of a refrigerator into an alternative world.

The refrigerator portal
Inside the fish tank

One of the many alternative worlds is to the inside of the fish tank.

Funky mural panels and a cave-full of eyes.

Don’t fall down this portal!

What an experience for photographers! Meow Wolf is a wonderful introduction for children to visit an art gallery!


Into the dryer!
Birthday party!
Inside the ice machine

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  1. Ricky Anderson says:

    They still talk about this!


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