Photographic Eye–Diptych

Diptych (or triptych, or more) should not be just any two photos put together with little relationship; rather, they should together support a unified idea. We have had a lot of fun with them, and here are a few examples.

Coming and going, Chama, New Mexico
Earth Day
Earth and Moon, Open Space Visitor Center
Jericho and aspens
The Photo Bomber, Jemez Mountains
PicMonkey Collage (16)
A little bowler, Rio Rancho
PicMonkey Collage (22)
Anything you can do, I can do better . . . Tingley Beach
PicMonkey Collage (27)
What are little boys made of? Alameda BMX
PicMonkey Collage (31)
Blast off! West Mesa
PicMonkey Collage (47)
Where? There! Near Tingley Beach
spider collage
Male and Female, near Tingley Beach
Spike! NMSU, Las Cruces

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  1. Big Daddy says:

    I love it. Great humor


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