Paseo del Bosque Trail, Albuquerque

“Bosque” refers to the cottonwood forest that runs along the Rio Grande River. In our opinion, the bosque bikepath is the crown jewel of Albuquerque. Following the river’s adjacent diversion canal, the paved path stretches from the northern part of the city to the south. One never needs to cross traffic as the trail goes under the major bridges.

You can get on the trail at several places, including the Alameda Open Space.

Traveling south, you will pass many urban farms. You will see people walking and jogging, on bikes of all kinds, skateboards and skates, wheelchairs, and horses.

DSC_0005 (3)
Horseback Rider

There are access points at Paseo del Norte and Montano by the Sculpture Garden.

Acequia (ditch) near the Montano parking lot

Many privateer balloon companies launch on Coors Blvd. near the Montano Bridge.

Balloons above the bike path

One August as we rode from the Montano parking lot across the Montano bridge, we saw this privateer balloon making a perfect splash-and-dash, an impressive example of expert pilot skill.


We sometimes see coyotes on the bank of the Rio Grande from the Montano Bridge.

DSC_0006 (2)

The trail continues south past the Rio Grande Nature Center, another access point.

Bridge near the Rio Grande Nature Center

It is interesting to pass under I-40, or you can ride adjacent to it on the orange bridge.

Bridge over the Rio Grande adjacent to I-40
Cross-country skier training during the summer

BeFunky_IMG_7646.jpg (2)

Diversion Canal from under the I-40 bridge

The next turnoff is at Mountain Road, which takes you to Old Town.

Farm by Old Town

The trail goes by the back of the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden, which in turn attracts many interesting birds.

Summer Tanager
DSCN5839 - Copy
Snowy Egret

The trail finally emerges at Tingley Beach, where there are always people doing interesting things.BeFunky_IMG_9574.jpg

Statue of a crane near Tingley Beach

Cross Country team running along the Bosque Trail
Policeman on horseback at Tingley Beach

We met this man who had a perfect system for a morning of exercise. He left his home on his bike, pulling his canoe. He rode this way until he reached the northernmost part of the city. Then he put his bike in his canoe and paddled down the river back to his home near Tingley Beach again.

PicMonkey Collage (12)
Who needs a gym?

We also met these three runners, all from Africa. The one on the left is Caroline Rotich, winner of the Boston Marathon in 2015. You can read about her here:

She lives in Santa Fe, and she, her coach, and her colleagues were all so gracious to talk to us and pose for photos one day in 2014.

BeFunky_null_1.jpg (7)
World-class runners

We usually stop at Tingley Beach for the public restrooms and a visit to our beloved “Secret Place.”

The trail continues south from Tingley Beach into the beautiful South Valley, past the wonderfully aromatic Bueno factory and baseball fields.

Alfalfa Field
Donkeys on an urban farm
Serpentine Wire along the Trail
Street Art on a cement culvert

You never know what you will see on a bike ride, so be ready! Take your camera along for the ride.

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  1. Big Daddy says:

    I agree that this is Albuquerque’s best assets.


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