Sculpture Garden at Pueblo Montaño Open Space, Albuquerque

This park is located just east of Coors and south of Montaño by the entrance to the Bosque School. It has a parking lot, public restroom, benches, and a shaded picnic table.

In 2003, there was a big fire in the bosque (cottonwood forest that runs along the Rio Grande River). One of the fire fighters was Mark Chavez. After the fire, using a chainsaw, he created artistic forms from the stumps that remained.

In this shot, you should be able to find a roadrunner, two beavers, two coyotes, and an eagle.

How many sculptures can you see?

La Llorona, the weeping woman, is an appropriate choice for this riverside location. She is a figure from Hispanic folklore. When her husband cheated on her, out of her deep grief, she threw their two children into the river, where they drowned. In despair at what she had done, she then killed herself as well. Now her ghost walks the banks of the river, crying for her children, and you can hear her wails in the wind. It is a cautionary tale for all children to stay away from river and ditch banks.

La Llorona
Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

The Phoenix from Greek mythology is another perfect choice for this location and the history of this sculpture park.

We have found that we can get stunning results from post processing our photos of the wooden sculptures.

Coyote howling at the full moon

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  1. Big Daddy says:

    Beautiful workmanship on the carving


    1. Thanks. Took me forever.


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