Alameda Open Space, Albuquerque

The Alameda Open Space is just east of the bridge over the Rio Grande River on the south side of Alameda Blvd. It is adjacent to the old Bachechi farm. Together they provide many photographic opportunities including public art.

“The Bell Keepers” by Bruce Papitto, 2006-2008

There is an old pecan grove, unusual for as far north as Albuquerque is.DSC_0034 (2)

Crow in Bachechi pecan tree

Acequia (drainage ditch) next to the Bachechi pecan grove

Next to the pecan grove is a park with swinging benches and tables and an educational center.  Behind these are a rose garden, vineyard, and a water treatment plant that looks like a Spanish mission.

Picnic Table
Rose Garden
Lightning rod atop water treatment plant

There is a large field that attracts migratory birds.

Bald eagle in February
Cedar Waxwing in Winter
Towhee in Winter

The centerpiece of the open space is the beautiful large pond with three bird blinds.

Pond seen through a bird blind
Wood ducks in an autumn morning mist

There are a horse corral, public restrooms, large parking lots, and numerous hiking paths through the cottonwood trees to the river.

Family on a hike
Spillway with Alameda Bridge in the background

The paths go by some reservoirs and picnic areas. The open space is also a major access to the Bosque Bike Path.

What a day for a daydream . . .

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