The “Secret Place” in Albuquerque

BeFunky_null_6.jpg (2)There is a hidden gem that few people know about, right in the center of Albuquerque. We call this place the “Secret Place.” The first time we stumbled upon it, we were struck with awe. We had just experienced a death in the family, and we imagined heaven to be very much like this wonderful hideaway. When the waters are still, the mirror image of the scene doubles its beauty, making it a favorite of photographers.


It is also popular with birders with resident green herons, blue herons, kingfishers, hummingbirds, and all sorts of migratory ducks and geese, with bird blinds to see them all.BeFunky_DSCN0073.jpg

Green Herons
Great Blue Heron

It is fun to capture on your camera a beaver (most likely in the early evening) and dragonflies.



It is especially pretty this time of year with the cotton from the cottonwood trees sparkling upon the surface of the water. Though it is beautiful all year, it is really alive in the summer with birds calling and toads croaking, though the summer afternoons are hot.BeFunky_IMG_9261.jpg

Where is this paradise? They are two adjacent man-made ponds behind the main ponds at Tingley Beach. Follow the paths leading west from Tingley Beach’s main building in the direction of the river.

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